About Us
  • Our History

    Since 1966, Polland Hopia has been making deliciously authentic mung bean cakes (Hopia) that have been part of the Filipino Chinese home.

    Founded by Mrs. Po, her recipes have withstood the test of time and are still being used to this day. Whether it be as an afternoon snack, a pasalubong to relatives abroad, or as a treat for a job well done, Polland Hopia has been a favorite and is the only choice of Hopia aficionados.

  • Traditionally Crafted since 1966.  We at Polland Hopia are passionate about being true to the traditional, the authentic, and the flavors that delight your soul. Being direct descendants of the country’s hopia pioneer, we as a family take great pride in the recipes we’ve carefully preserved, crafted and shared to you over the years. So it is our commitment that every box you open meets our standards and your highest expectations.